Sloppy clickbait 'journalism' from the BBC

Yesterday, the BBC news site published an article (also carried by The Independent) with a typical clickbait headline which implied that there was more scientific evidence that the use of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil caused abnormal growth of breast tissue in boys due to the oil's effect of mimicking oestrogen.

A quick read of the article effectively negated the headline, indeed there was a quote form a leading professor of the endocrine system (which governs the bodies hormones) which said the study proved nothing and that more research needed to be done.

However, I did a bit more research and found some other sources who also poured cold water on the article; Firstly a practicing GP, who also uses and researches essential oils, who talks about the specific article in a clear, easy to understand way

I just wish journalists would do a bit more research before publishing these sorts of articles.

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