July's monthly offers

There are three offers available this month - one of which is quite a surprise!

Firstly, there is 10% discount on Root to Tip Hair Serum

doTERRA Salon Essentials Root to Tip Serum is a salon professional formula infused with essential oils and nourishing lipids to promote smooth, shiny hair and a healthy-looking scalp. The carefully chosen CPTG essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Rosemary, Niaouli, and Eucalyptus are known for their ability to rejuvenate the scalp while supporting the appearance of healthy hair. This powerful, lightweight serum provides extended moisture without weighing hair down or leaving an oily residue.

More Info here

The free Product of the Month (if you place a LRP order of 125pv or more before 15th) is 15ml bottle of Cedarwood essential oil

Known for its rich hue and warm, woody scent, Cedarwood essential oil provides a myriad of benefits. It is native to cold climates, thriving in high altitudes and growing up to 100 feet. Reminiscent of its size and strength, Cedarwood has a grounding aroma that evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. More Info here

There is an unexpected and surprising third offer this month - if you place any order of 200pv or more you will receive a free 15ml bottle of Copaiba essential oil!

Why is this so surprising? We cannot buy this oil in Europe yet, it isn't being released until August, and I know lots of people have been waiting for it to go one sale.

So to see it as a free offer - I initially thought it was an error, but I processed a 200pv order this month and received my bottle of Copaiba for free.

Info on Copaiba oil here.

As ever, if you are interested in any of these promotions, or want to talk about essential oils in general, just get in touch. I'm also happy to come to any community groups, or friends gatherings to give a free essential oils class.

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