Amazing August Enrollment Offer

You can always pay full retail price for your doTERRA pure essential oils, however if you are going to buy more than a couple of oils in a year it is usually way more cost effective to open a wholesale account (£24 for 12 months) as this give you a 25% discount on all doTERRA products, with no commitments, no minimum spend etc.

Enrolment kits provide further savings. For instance purchasing the Home Essential kit which includes the top ten oils in 15ml bottles (except for Deep Blue which only comes 5ml bottles) plus a petal diffuser saves you £70 over purchasing the oils & diffuser separately, and the £24 enrollment fee is waived.

However, for this month only, August 2018, a number of enrollment kits (including the Home Essentials kit above) is further discounted 20%.

A full list of the enrollment kits this applies to with their prices is here.

I've never seen this offer before and it's only available during August, so if you are interested, or know anyone who'd be interested let me know and we can make sure you get this great deal!

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