BOGO week 18th - 22nd February

Two or three times per year doTERRA run BOGO weeks. During a BOGO week, there is a new deal announced for that day only. The deal is usually “buy one oil, get another oil free”. The specific oils are only revealed the night before and must be ordered during that day. For example, Sunday night the deal for Monday is announced as “Buy Lavender and also get Petitgrain free”. You would need to place your order for Lavender during Monday. A new deal for Tuesday would be announced Monday night. If you have a wholesale account you pay your usual 25% discounted rate, otherwise you would pay the full retail price, but as you get another oil free, bargains are still to be had.

Because the deals are one day only, you are not able to wait until the end of the week and purchase the deals you are interested in with a single order. This means that if you take advantage of the deal each day, you end up with five separate orders and so pay five lots of shipping. If you use Loyalty Reward Program orders, your shipping is refunded in the form of points.

It can be cost effective to team up with others and combine orders for each day – for instance you get together with two of your friends and you order 3 Lavender on Monday and so will receive three bottles of Petitgrain free, but only pay 1 lot of postage between you. Next day one of your friends places multiple orders of Tuesday’s deal etc

Sometimes the BOGO deal may be buy one oil, get two free. One of the offers during the last BOGO week in November was buy a particular diffuser, receive two oils free.

If you already have a wholesale account and are using oils on a daily basis, and know which oils you need or want to try, then BOGO week can be a great way to add to your oil collection or replenish your stock of often used oil.

If you are new to doTERRA oils and don’t yet have a wholesale account, you may see BOGO week as too good a deal to miss, but you may end up buying oils that you don’t need or would rarely use. As tempting as it may be to grab some bargains, you may be better off talking to a Wellness Advocate (such as myself) first about any particular area of health & wellness you’d like help with – we can then advise you on the most suitable oil or oils to try.

I could just big up BOGO week, and advise you to buy as many of the deals as you can. After all, I’ve yet to come across a doTERRA oil that doesn’t help when used as recommended. I’d even make a bit more money if you ordered retail through me – however, I know that using the right doTERRA oils to help support your health/wellness concerns will be life changing.

I’d hate for anyone to buy an oil because it looked like a bargain, not know why, when or how to use it and then write doTERRA oils off as ‘just a nice smell that didn’t really do anything’.

I will be talking about the BOGO deals available each this week, and I will place orders for folks, but please have think about whether you are buying a particular oil because the deal looks like a bargain, or whether you are buying an oil that is going to be beneficial for you.