BOGO Friday 22nd Feb

Today's final Buy One, Get One deal for the week is - Buy 15ml Serenity and get 15ml Balance completely free.

Serenity costs £50.40 retail or £37.80 wholesale,

Balance usually costs £28 retail or £21 wholesale but today will be free when you purchase Serenity.

This is an great deal to finish the week on! I love both of these blends and use them both regularly, I suspect that this deal may sell out early!

Serenity is a blend that I use every night, it's non-negotiable, even if I'm not at home Serenity comes with me to help me relax to sleep at night. The essential oils in this blend are well known for their calming and grounding effects to help soothe the mind & the senses.

I diffuse Serenity for 20-30 minutes when I get into bed each night, and I also apply it to the insides of my wrists and back of my neck. More info here.

Balance is another blend that helps to promote feelings of calmness, tranquillity & relaxation. I like to apply Balance to the soles of my feet when doing Yoga as it helps me focus on the now, rather than the stresses of the rest of my day. Balance can also be used throughout the day, by just adding a drop or two to your hands and inhaling the aroma, this can help you keep anxious feelings in check. More info here.

If you have any stresses in your life, (and be honest, who doesn't?) then these two blends will help you counter the feelings of anxiousness and tension and help soothe you back to a more relaxed & calm state for a restful sleep.

If you would like to take advantage of today's offer and do not already have a doTERRA account, please let me know ASAP and I can order it for you at the retail price, plus £1 to cover postage.

You can email me at or message me via facebook.

If you already have a doTERRA wholesale account, you can either place your own order, but it must be a 'ship now' order, you can't schedule it for another day, or you can contact me and I'll order it for you for the wholesale price + £1 shipping.

I will be ordering by noon at the latest as I suspect that this deal will sell out, so please try and let me know asap Friday. I'll send you details of how to pay me, prior to me placing the order.